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What is one way you can create space while having possession of the ball?

What is one way you can create space while having possession of the ball?

First Touch. Good ball control with a clean first touch is a key ingredient in creating space. The first touch allows the game to move on to the next play, whether it’s a shot, dribble or pass. The first touch should move the player into the space and allow the ball to remain in the team’s possession.

What does creating space mean in football?

Whether it is a forward in soccer working to get off a shot or a wide receiver in football trying to get open or pick up yards after a catch, “creating space” is the term likened to distancing oneself from a defender.

How to create space in a football practice?

Set up a 30-yard square split into three equal areas for the first part of the practice. Place a goal at the end of each zone. Remove the zones as the session progresses. In a 1v1 situation, the forward must move to create space to receive a pass. Once in possession, the forward must try to turn and shoot into the goal.

How to set up a college football camp?

Try to have a guest instructor with a big name. It doesn’t have to be an NFL player. Try asking local alumni who play college football, or a former high-school star whose name everybody would still know. Camps usually give participants a T-shirt or duffel bag with the camp’s name on it. Have a guest speaker who deals with other areas of football.

Why is it important for players to create space on the field?

The ability of players to create space on the field is key to effective attacking play. Coaches play an important role in helping young players understand how to look for and create space.

How to create space in a soccer grid?

Create grids that are 15 x 15 yards. Create a triangle in each grid with corner flags or cones. Within the area, four attacking players and one defender. The four attacking players attempt tp maintain possession while looking to score goals by passing through the middle triangle to teammates.