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What is injection timing?

What is injection timing?

Start of injection (SOI) or injection timing is the time at which injection of fuel into the combustion chamber begins. It is usually expressed in crank angle degrees (CAD) relative to TDC of the compression stroke.

How do you check fuel injector timing?

By removing deflector from fuel pump

  1. Take out deflector on both sides of the fuel pump.
  2. Put hand torch on one side of pump and mirror on the other side.
  3. The light from torch will be visible on the mirror.
  4. Turn the engine so that the unit to be check is toward the TDC of compression (at plunger upstroke)

What is the purpose of the injection timing control?

A fuel injection timing control system for a diesel engine has a fuel injection pump supplying fuel to the engine periodically according to the rotation of the engine crankshaft, and a device connected to the fuel injection pump to vary the fuel injection timing in terms of crank angle.

How does a Perkins fuel injection pump work?

Maximum performance using Perkins fuel injection pumps A fuel injection pump is a very complex piece of engineering. Each one is calibrated to deliver just the right quantity of fuel via the fuel injector into the combustion chamber. This ensures the maximum power output and optimum fuel efficiency.

How is the timing of a fuel injection pump set?

The timing is precisely set according to the model of engine it services, so that the fuel injection pump introduces the right volume of diesel into the cylinder chamber only a fraction of a second before the cylinder reaches the top dead centre position of its compression stroke.

What do you need to know about a Perkins engine?

Each Perkins engine has its own Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM). This provides all the information you need to keep your engine running properly day in, day out. It includes details on regular maintenance intervals together with technical data and guidance.

What are the operation and maintenance manuals for Perkins?

Operation and maintenance manuals. They are provided solely for the purpose of providing Perkins Engines Company Limited direct customers and official distributors (together hereinafter referred to as ‘Licensed Users’) with information regarding the use and maintenance of Perkins Engines Company Limited products.