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What is India Diana l Eck summary?

What is India Diana l Eck summary?

About India India: A Sacred Geography tells the story of the pilgrim’s India. In these pages, Diana Eck takes the reader on an extraordinary spiritual journey through the living landscape of this fascinating country –its mountains, rivers, and seacoasts, its ancient and powerful temples and shrines.

What is India Diana l Eck?

Eck. The book explores the sacred places of India, taking the reader on an extraordinary trip through the beliefs and history of this rich and profound place, as well as providing a basic introduction to Hindu religious ideas and how those ideas influence our understanding of the modern sense of “India” as a nation.

Why is India sacred?

Its unity as a nation, however, has been firmly constituted by the sacred geography it has held in common and revered: its mountains, forests, rivers, hilltop shrines.” For Hindus, as also for many Indian Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, India is a holy land.

What does sacred geography mean?

Such a simple definition might be: Sacred Geography is the study of qualities of the sacred and related cultural activities found in certain places and expressed in a spatial context.

Which is the sacred geography of India by Diana Eck?

In India: A Sacred Geography, renowned Harvard scholar Diana Eck offers an extraordinary spiritual journey through the pilgrimage places of the world’s most religiously vibrant culture and reveals that it is, in fact, through these sacred pilgrimages that India’s very sense of nation has emerged.

Who is Diane Eck and what is India?

Diane Eck, ‘India: A Sacred Geography. Two themes stand out in this outstanding scholarly study of ‘India: A Sacred Geography’, A) the pilgrim and B) What is India. This book approaches the landscape from the pilgrims’ point of view: as mythology rooted in geography.

What kind of religion does Diana Eck have?

In March 2012, Diana authored her book India: A Sacred Geography. Raised as a Christian Methodist in Montana, Eck later embraced Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist beliefs about spirituality and now she describes her religious ideals as ” interfaith ” infrastructures. She has been connected with the World Council of Churches, and Harvard Divinity School .

Is the spirit of India a sacred geography?

The Spirit of India is, in fact, the Idea of India. You cannot even begin to understand India without acknowledging, experiencing and comprehending its sacredness-that is, without becoming a pilgrim yourself.