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What is entertainment Cama?

What is entertainment Cama?

This is formalized in the so-called Collection Account Management Agreement or CAMA.

What is a Collection Agreement in film?

Collection Account Management Agreements have become an important aspect of a film financing transaction. The involvement of a collection management company forces all parties in a film financing transaction to focus on specific details about the allocation of potential revenues for the film at an early stage.

What is collection account management agreement?

What is a CAMA and what does it do? CAMA stands for “Collective Account Management Agreement”—a contract whereby a fund is opened at a bank and managed by third-party rights management and royalties-collection companies like Fintage House or Freeway Entertainment.

How much does a cama cost?

Why should I spend money on a CAMA? The setup fee for a CAMA can be $8,000 on a low budget movie, with the collection company taking a percentage of the film’s revenue as its fee.

How does a collection agency make money?

Usually if a debtor pays off what they owe, the collection agency makes money from either the payments or from the difference between the costs of buying the debt and the amount collected. In most cases, the collection agency makes from one-quarter to one-half of the full amount as profit.

Can a collection agency legally buy my account?

I get asked this question alot and the truth of the matter is Yes, a collection agency can buy a delinquent account from a credit card company. An account, of any sort, is a “legal interest” in something. Any legal interest can be sold at any time, for any price. It’s actually a good thing when your account is sold to a junk debt buyer. Generally, the only things that the debt buyer acquires are your name, phone number, account number and the amount that is alleged due and owing.

Is a collection agency legitimate?

Debt collection is a legitimate business. If a debt collector contacts you, it’s not necessarily the beginning of an abusive relationship.

Can my account be sold to another collection agency?

Unpaid collection accounts can be sold over and over again, going from one collection agency to another, until the debt is paid. In fact, even if the statute of limitations has passed on the debt and it becomes legally uncollectible, some bottom-feeder debt collectors may still sue you for the debt.