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What is Chapter 3 about in Bless Me Ultima?

What is Chapter 3 about in Bless Me Ultima?

Summary. When Antonio wakes, he ponders the fate of Lupito’s soul and those of the men who killed him. He thinks that, according to Catholic principles, Lupito must be in hell because Lupito died having committed a mortal sin. He hopes that God will forgive Lupito, but he thinks sadly that God does not forgive anyone.

What happens in Tony’s dream in Chapter 1?

Antonio is happy that his parents have decided to take Ultima into their home and to provide for her. As he drifts off into sleep, he has a dream in which he floats over the hills of the llano to the village of Las Pasturas and toward the window of a lighted hut.

What lessons does Ultima teach Antonio?

Ultima teaches Antonio to avoid the limitations inherent in abiding by one culture, one religion, or one creed. Instead, Ultima encourages Antonio to embrace all of the cultural influences in his life to become a better person.

What is the conflict concerning Antonio’s future?

Answer: The conflict between Gabriel and Maria concerning Antonio’s future: C) They argue about his future because the parents have very distinct ideas about what he should become as a man.

What is Bless Me Ultima book about?

Book Summary. Bless Me, Ultima is about the social-psychological maturation of a Mexican-American, or Chicano , boy living on the eastern plains of New Mexico during the 1940s. The novel begins with Ultima, a curandera,or folk healer, going to live with the Márez family during the summer that Antonio is six years old.

Who is the villain in the novel Bless Me Ultima?

Tenorio Trementina- The villain of the novel. He seeks revenge on Ultima for the death of his daughters and stops at nothing to get it. He kills Narciso in cold blood.

Who was Ultima in Bless Me Ultima?

Bless Me, Ultima is a novel by Rudolfo Anaya in which his young protagonist, Antonio Márez y Luna tells the story of his coming-of-age with the guidance of his curandera, mentor, and protector, Ultima. It has become the most widely read and critically acclaimed novel in the Chicano literary canon since its first publication in 1972.