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What is Cegedim data?

What is Cegedim data?

Cegedim Health Data provides Real World Data and Evidence to enable advancements in patient outcomes. Our proprietary data is used by leading healthcare authorities, academics, pharmaceutical companies and research organisations for healthcare research and analysis.

What type of data is patient data?

Patient data may encompass socioeconomic, genetic, biomedical and behavioral factors. Population health numbers may indicate different risk levels or wellness proclivities in certain communities or demographics.

What is Actisure?

Using the latest technology platforms and built by experienced insurance professionals, Actisure is designed for insurers, managing agents, third party administrators, business process outsourcers and assistance companies regardless of company size or location.

Why is health data collected?

Data collection in healthcare allows health systems to create holistic views of patients, personalize treatments, advance treatment methods, improve communication between doctors and patients, and enhance health outcomes.

How data is used in healthcare?

How is healthcare data collected?

Depending on the measure, data can be collected from different sources, including medical records, patient surveys, and administrative databases used to pay bills or to manage care.

What are the 5 methods of collecting data?

Here are the top six data collection methods:

  • Interviews.
  • Questionnaires and surveys.
  • Observations.
  • Documents and records.
  • Focus groups.
  • Oral histories.

What is data capture in healthcare?

These include patient identification data, medical history records, codes of drugs, medical imaging data, lab test results etc. Data capture technology allows healthcare providers to get the benefit of doing this in real time, without affecting the quality of interaction between the patient and the medical staff.

What is the main source of health data?

The main sources of health statistics are surveys, administrative and medical records, claims data, vital records, surveillance, disease registries, and peer-reviewed literature.

How is Cegedim data used in the real world?

Cegedim Health Data provides Real World Data and Evidence to enable advancements in patient outcomes.

How does Cegedim work to improve patient care?

Collect healthcare data for every patient in your area. Analyse information in a cloud-based dashboard. Share pathways and data entry templates with GPs to influence change, save on healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

When does Cegedim connect with IBM Watson Health?

June 16, 2020 – Cegedim Health Data today announced a collaboration with IBM Watson Health to integrate clinical rich real-world data from The Health Improvement Network, THIN®, a Cegedim electronic health record (EHR) database, into IBM Watson Health’s real-world evidence solution portfolio.

Who are the customers of Cegedim medical database?

Healthcare Insurers and Pharmaceutical Companies. Cegedim offerings support to its healthcare customers by providing databases, performing solutions to facilitate their business and medical operations. Doctors, Pharmacists and Paramedics.