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What is Baltic cuisine?

What is Baltic cuisine?

Latvian cuisine typically consists of agricultural products, with meat featuring in most main meal dishes. Latvian cuisine has been influenced by other countries of the Baltic rim. Common ingredients in Latvian recipes are found locally, such as potatoes, wheat, barley, cabbage, onions, eggs and pork.

What are some popular foods in the Baltic countries?

What to eat in the Baltic? 10 Most popular Baltic Dishes

  • Savory Pastry. Kibinai. Trakai. Lithuania.
  • Casserole. Kugelis. Lithuania. Europe.
  • Cake. Šakotis. Lithuania. Europe.
  • Savory Pastry. Pirukas. Estonia.
  • Pork Dish. Karbonāde. Latvia.
  • Cheese Dessert. Kohuke. Estonia.
  • Pancake. Bulviniai blynai. Lithuania.
  • Chocolate Dessert. Tinginys. Lithuania.

What is the history of the Baltic states?

During the 19th century, Baltic started to supersede Ostsee as the name for the region. After World War I, the new sovereign states that emerged on the east coast of the Baltic Sea – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland – became known as the Baltic states.

What food is Latvia famous for?

Latvian Food: 14 Most Popular and Traditional Dishes to Try

  • 5 – Biešu Zupa – Beetroot Soup.
  • 6 – Kartupeļu Pankūkas – Grated Potato Pancakes.
  • 7 – Kotletes – Minced Meat Patties.
  • 8 – Skābeņu Zupa – Sorrel Soup.
  • 9 – Pelēkie Zirņi ar Speķi – Grey Peas with Lard.
  • 10 – Kartupeļi ar Gaileņu Mērci – Potatoes with Chanterelle Sauce.

What foods do they eat in the Baltics?

Dark rye breadis very commonly seen in the Baltics. This bread was created more out of necessity rather then culinary experimentation, as rye grew much easier in these regions. However, when made fresh, it’s pretty delicious. Estonian kiluvoileib, or sprat sandwich, consists of buttered rye bread, topped with Baltic herrings and egg.

What was the history of the Baltic states?

Having collected materials on the Baltic states throughout the vicissitudes of the twentieth century, during which great tragedies befell the region, the archives maintains a continuing interest in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania as they currently enter a much brighter period in their respective histories. 1 For a related slideshow, please visit

What kind of food do they eat in Estonia?

Estonian kiluvoileib, or sprat sandwich, consists of buttered rye bread, topped with Baltic herrings and egg. This dish is very popular among Estonians, however we did not like it at all. The Estonian cuisine did not quite agree with us, for example we couldn’t bring ourselves to try the blood sausage.

What kind of food do they eat in Lithuania and Latvia?

Originally a Russian dish, dumplings of all varieties are popular in Estonia (where they’re known as pelmeenid) and Lithuania (where they’re called koldunai). They’re also a favorite Latvian food where they’re known as pelmeni. Similar to ravioli, the dough is rolled thin and then filled with minced meat or mushrooms before being boiled.