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What is backburner server?

What is backburner server?

What is Backburner? Backburner is a free software that comes with 3ds Max that allows you to render either animations or single renderings across a network. It allows you to take advantage of the CPU power of many PC’s on your network to accomplish the task of rendering a single image or many images.

How do I start backburner server?

Launch Backburner Server on all render nodes. Go to Edit > General Settings within the Backburner Server. Put the name or IP Address of the machine running Backburner Manager in the Manager field.

How do I use Autodesk Backburner?

  1. Install Backburner and Maya on all your render farm nodes. You must install Backburner and Maya in the same folder location on each computer.
  2. Select a machine to be used as the render farm manager and enter its name in the manager. host file located at /usr/discreet/backburner/cfg .
  3. Restart the Backburner server.

Is Autodesk Backburner free?

Backburner is still available as a free application for 3ds Max, but the installer has to be obtained separately through the Autodesk App Store.

What to do if backburner server cannot connect to manager?

Make sure all copies of 3ds Max and Backburner on the Manager and Server (render) nodes are identical. Deploy all service packs, updates, extensions and 3rd-party plugins to every 3ds Max installation on the network. Then, go to the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features, and compare the 3ds Max version numbers on each machine.

Is the backburner Server compatible with all network adapters?

Backburner is not compatible with all network adapters. If it works on an older adapter, this must be kept installed for the duration of the product use.

Why is my backburner server not recognizing IPv6?

Backburner does not work with the IPv6 networking protocol. To fix this, download and run the Microsoft “Prefer IPv4 over IPv6” hotfix on all Manager and Server machines. Windows updates may cause the local network to no longer recognize certain PCs. To address this:

Do you need backburner installed on your computer?

Backburner can be optionally installed on desired PCs to enable access to tools such as the Queue Monitor or the Command Line job submitter. Backburner installation is still required for all machines acting as Managers and Servers.