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What is a tectonic plate GCSE geography?

What is a tectonic plate GCSE geography?

Tectonic plates are sections of the Earth’s solid crust that “float” on top of the mantle. The mantle contains hot molten rock (magma) heated by energy from the earth’s core. The earth’s crust is made up of seven main tectonic plates and numerous smaller plates. There are two main types of tectonic plate.

What is tectonics geography?

The Earth’s crust is broken up into a series of massive sections called plates. These tectonic plates rest upon the convecting mantle, which causes them to move.

What are tectonic plates BBC Bitesize ks2?

And like an eggshell, the crust has cracked and split into many different pieces called tectonic plates. These plates can be oceanic, meaning they’re found mainly under the ocean, or continental, and mainly found under land. And they are moved around, constantly fuelled by energy from the very hot mantle below.

What are tectonic plates Year 6?

What are tectonic plates? Tectonic plates are the separate rocky parts of the Earth’s crust. These plates move around on the soft mantle underneath them, and when they collide – along plate boundaries – they can create earthquakes and mountains are formed.

What is the theory of plate tectonics called?

Sinking in one place leads to plates moving apart in other places. The movement of the plates, and the activity inside the Earth, is called the theory of plate tectonics.

What is the margin between two tectonic plates?

The margin or boundary between two tectonic plates. Planning Actions taken to enable communities to respond to, and recover from, natural disasters, through measures such as emergency evacuation plans, information management, communications and warning systems. Prediction

Which is a natural hazard caused by movement of tectonic plates?

A natural hazard caused by movement of tectonic plates (including volcanoes and earthquakes). Tectonic plate A rigid segment of the Earth’s crust which can ‘float’ across the heavier, semi- molten rock below. Continental plates are less dense, but thicker than oceanic plates. Volcano

What can I do on AQA for geography?

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