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What is a Harley-Davidson golf cart worth?

What is a Harley-Davidson golf cart worth?

With all the custom work on this Harley golf cart, it’s priced at a reasonable price of $4,300.

What years did Harley make golf carts?

In 1963, William Davidson joined the company, and Harley-Davidson got into manufacturing golf carts. They started with the three-wheeled models. These unique LSVs shared the same design until the 1970s, when an additional tire was added to some models, and a new fuel source was introduced.

Who makes Columbia Par Car?

Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd
Columbia ParCar Corp. is a member of the Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd. Nordic Group (headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin) is a privately-held holding company consisting of subsidiaries with 22 facilities, and 24 marketing units around the world with over 2,400 associates.

Where can I find a Harley Davidson golf cart?

For Harley Davidson and Columbia Par Car history, serial number guide, engine & Tune-up Specs go to the Golf Cart Reference Library If you cannot find a part please email us or call and we will do our best to find the parts your are looking for.

When does Harley Davidson EZGO club car come out?

Our # 2633 Ezgo Club Car Harley Davidson Yamaha Golf cart Voltage Regulator. Lower 48 US States ONLY! . . . . . In stock on May 10, 2021.

What is the charger plug on a Harley Davidson golf cart?

Charger Connection Plug – Negative Terminal 1 Black wire to Right Diode 22 and Positive Terminal 2 Red wire to Solenoid Terminal B1 The 1976 to 1978 Models are different from the 1975 models in that the front batteries are changed in orientation, as shown below.

How are solenoids used in a Harley Davidson golf cart?

Solenoid “A” is used in this circuit to switch from 18-volts parallel to 36-volts series. “F” and “R” are used to control forward and reverse, and Solenoid “C” is used to pass through the Resistor, or to bypass it (i.e. first and third speeds). Therefore the resistor/voltage combinations are as follows: