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What is a good t-value?

What is a good t-value?

Thus, the t-statistic measures how many standard errors the coefficient is away from zero. Generally, any t-value greater than +2 or less than – 2 is acceptable. The higher the t-value, the greater the confidence we have in the coefficient as a predictor.

What does it mean if my t-test is significant?

What is Statistical Significance? The terms “significance level” or “level of significance” refer to the likelihood that the random sample you choose (for example, test scores) is not representative of the population. The lower the significance level, the more confident you can be in replicating your results.

Is a high t-value good or bad?

The greater the magnitude of T (it can be either positive or negative), the greater the evidence against the null hypothesis that there is no significant difference. The closer T is to zero, the more likely there isn’t a significant difference.

How is one sample t test used in SPSS?

In a one-sample t-test, the variables we tested will be compared with the known average values based on the hypothesis. In general, we will test sample averages (statistics) with population averages (parameters).

How to calculate sample mean and chance in SPSS?

Statistical difference between the sample mean of the test variable and chance. This approach involves first calculating the chance level on the test variable. The chance level is then used as the test value against which the sample mean of the test variable is compared.

What should the SIG value be in SPSS?

Sig (2-Tailed) value. This value will tell you if the two condition Means are statistically different. Make sure to read from the appropriate row. In this example, the Sig (2-Tailed) value is 0.02. Recall that we have determined that it is best to read from the top row.

Which is the best version of SPSS to use?

This tutorial will show you how to use SPSS version 12.0 to perform one-sample t-tests , independent samples t-tests, and paired samples t-tests . This tutorial assumes that you have: Downloaded the standard class data set (click on the link and save the data file)