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What happens if your bike chain is stretched?

What happens if your bike chain is stretched?

The internal parts of the chain, the rivets and rollers, begin to wear out and give the illusion of stretching. This wear can cause the chain to mesh poorly with cogs and chainrings, causing poor shifting, premature wear to the cogs and even skipping over the cogs.

Do roller chains stretch?

ABSTRACT. Roller chain drives are one of the primary systems used in industry to transmit power and convey products. Roller chain that suffers from premature elongation (“stretch”) due to wear and needs to be replaced on a frequent basis will negatively impact productivity and increase the cost of the operation.

Do chains on bikes stretch?

Do bicycle chains really stretch? The short answer is no, however they do wear in such a way as to cause their maximum length to increase. Mechanics usually refer to this as chain “stretch.” It is the sign of a worn out chain that should be replaced.

How do you stop a chain from stretching?

How to Prevent Chain Stretch. The most important factor in preventing chain stretch is lubrication. If roller chains are poorly lubricated, stretching will take place very quickly. When a chain has elongated 3% of its original length, it must be replaced.

What are the different sizes of 81X chains?

Our 81x chains include chain sizes 81XH and 81XH/H chains. – All PEER’s 81X, 81XH, and 81XH/H chains consist of quad staked pins and solid bushings to provide longer wear life and handle heavy loads.

What’s the pitch of an 81X roller chain?

81X chain features a 2.609″ pitch and is categorized as a steel bushed roller chain within the engineer class of chains. Our chain is manufactured to ANSI specifications and dimensionally interchanges with other brands.

Is the 81X roller chain made in USA?

Our high-strength chain is manufactured to ANSI specifications and dimensionally interchanges with other brands, meaning sprocket replacement is not necessary. We also supply 81X sprockets, attachments, and we have a Made in USA 81X chain breaker.

What does it mean when your bicycle chain stretches?

In fact, many people are unaware that a bicycle chain is a consumable part just like tires or brake pads. What is chain stretch? Contrary to popular belief the chain isn’t actually stretching at all; it is the pins holding the links together that wear and elongate, effectively lengthening the pitch of the chain.