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What happens if I fail LTO exam?

What happens if I fail LTO exam?

1. What happens if you fail an LTO exam? One month after failing one or both of the writing and practical exams, a driver’s license applicant can retake the LTO exam. Flunking on the second attempt means you can’t retake the exam and apply for a driver’s license within a year.

Is the LTO exam multiple-choice?

All of the questions in the exam are in a multiple-choice format. The passing score for the non-professional driver exam is 30 out of 40, on the other hand, the professional driver exam has a passing score of 45 out of 60. The written exam is composed of the following: General knowledge.

What is the passing score for the LTO exam?

The passing score for non-professional driver exam is 30 out of 40; while for professional driver exam it is 45 out of 60. How can I pass LTO exam? You need to pass both the actual driving test, and written exam to be able to pass the LTO exam. How many questions are there in LTO exam?

Is there an online reviewer for the LTO test?

Reviewing online is the opportunity you can get without paying a cent to the “Fixers”. This Free Online Reviewer contains the EXACT TYPE OF QUESTIONS & ANSWERS asked on the Official LTO Driver’s License Written Test. Be sure to read it carefully…

How to get LTO driver’s license in the Philippines?

How to Apply for an LTO Driver’s License Online: New and Updated Guide. How to Prepare for the LTO Driving Test. 1. Written Examination. 2. Practical Driving Test. Penalties and Other Fees Every Philippine Driver Should Know. List of Traffic Violations and their Corresponding Fines.

What does LTO stand for in the Philippines?

LTO stands for the “Land Transportation Office”. It is the organization of the Philippine government responsible for issuing drivers’ licences. What is the application process for Driver’s license in Philippines?