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What happen to 9MUSES?

What happen to 9MUSES?

After a one-year hiatus the group made a comeback with eight members with the release of their albums Drama, 9Muses S/S Edition and Lost which gained more popularity and criticism with their sexy concept, the group disbanded in February 2019 following three former members, Sojin, Hyemi and Keumjo’s contract expired.

Was nine Muses successful?

Countless idols have come and gone from Nine Muses, but no member has made more of an impact than Kyungri. The glamorous star joined the group for their “News” comeback in 2012, which ended up becoming the group’s first successful single on the digital charts.

How many members are in the band Nine Muses?

9muses Members Profile (Updated!) Nine Muses (나인뮤지스) currently consists of 5 members. The band debuted on August 12, 2010, under Star Empire Entertainment. (They still didn’t have a comeback with the new line up). Unfortunately, they officially disbanded on February 24th 2019gyeon.

Who are the Nine Muses in Greek mythology?

The Muses in the Greek Mythology. The result of their encounter was the Nine Muses, who were similar to everything. Μnemosyne gave the babies to Nymph Eufime and God Apollo. When they grew up they showed their tendency to the arts, taught by God Apollo himself.

Who is the designer of Nine Muses textiles?

Nine Muses Textiles is the beautiful fabric collection by Tigger Hall, interior designer, founder of textile house and textile designer. The hand painting of each design blends Tigger’s love of art and textiles into a collection, which is fresh, organic and free moving.

What did the Muses do for the gods?

Each of the Muses is lovely, graceful and alluring, and gifted with a particular artistic talent. The Muses delight the gods and human beings with their songs, dances, and poems and inspire human artists to greater artistic achievements.