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What font goes well with Avant Garde?

What font goes well with Avant Garde?

Bold and marked ITC Avant Garde and thin, textual Neuzeit Grotesk go well together. This contact page just like in case of Fuzzco contains only text. And due to the fact that the designer tried to make it light and clean, it looks clear…

What type of font is ITC Avant Garde Gothic?

geometric sans serif font
ITC Avant Garde Gothic is a geometric sans serif font family based on the logo font used in the Avant Garde magazine.

What does Avant Garde font look like?

Avant Garde is a geometric sans serif type that is reminiscent of the work from the 1920s German Bauhaus movement. Its distinct look and popularity make it an obvious choice for my list of interesting fonts. The typeface should be referred to as Avant Garde Gothic but I prefer to leave that last part out.

How many characters are in avant garde gothic font?

The font family consists of 5 weights (4 for condensed), with complementary obliques for widest width fonts. When ITC released the OpenType version of the font, the original 33 alternate characters and ligatures, plus extra characters were included.

Which is the best Gothic font for Mac?

Century Gothic is pretty well-saturated on the Web and has letterforms that are in the same ballpark as Avant Garde. If a Mac doesn’t have it on their system, you can put Futura lower down the font stack.

Can you download ITC Avant Garde Gothic for free?

ITC Avant Garde Gothic: download for free and install for your website or Photoshop. The five boxing wizards jump quickly. The five boxing wizards jump quickly. The five boxing wizards jump quickly.

What’s the replacement for avant garde and century Gothic?

Tex Gyre Adventor is a really nice replacement for both Avant Garde and Century Gothic. Useful if you also target devices that are not a pc or Mac. It’s available as a @font-face kit at FontSquirrel: @user568458 I think it’s not a copy of URW Gothic L; it’s an extension of it.