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What fault lines exist around Kaikoura?

What fault lines exist around Kaikoura?

The magnitude 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake in 2016 was a complex event, involving movement on at least seven faults – The Humps faults and the Hundalee, Hope, Jordan Thrust, Papatea, Kekerengu and Needles faults.

Is there a fault line in Connecticut?

Epicenters of the quakes were close to the Lake Char fault, a major geologic terrane boundary, and fault system that extends from southern Connecticut near the Lower Connecticut River Valley, eastward and northward through the State into Massachusetts (map below).

What are the 5 major fault lines in the Philippines?

There are five active fault lines in the country namely the Western Philippine Fault, the Eastern Philippine Fault, the South of Mindanao Fault, Central Philippine Fault and the Marikina/Valley Fault System.

What fault line runs through Idaho?

Sawtooth Fault
The Sawtooth Fault is an east-dipping normal fault (vertical motion) which runs along the eastern base of the Sawtooth Mountains in the state of Idaho in the United States. In 2010, Glenn Thackray and colleagues from Idaho State University discovered the Sawtooth Fault near the base of the mountains using LIDAR.

Where is Flaxmere in Hawke’s Bay New Zealand?

Flaxmere ( Māori: Paharakeke) is a township in the Hastings District and outlying suburb of Hastings City, in the Hawke’s Bay Region of New Zealand’s North Island. It consists of a series of cul-de-sacs, radiating from a main street.

Where are the fault lines in New Zealand?

The Alpine Fault is spectacularly marked out on satellite images by the western edge of the Southern Alps snowline. The Alpine Fault, which runs for about 600km up the spine of the South Island, is one of the world’s major geological features. It’s the “on-land” boundary of the Pacific and Australian Plates.

Why is Flaxmere considered a low income area?

Flaxmere was intended to be an upper-middle class subdivision but because land was subdivided into smaller lots it turned into a low income neighbourhood. Flaxmere has one of the highest social deprivation index values of the Napier-Hastings metropolitan area, being exceeded only by the suburbs of Camberley and Maraenui.

How did the Flaxmere estate in Hastings get its name?

Russell called his estate Flaxmere. When Hastings City Council needed to expand, subdivision of the land started in 1963 and in the following year, the area was incorporated into the area held by the (then) city council. The subdivision was named after the original estate name.