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What DOT class is radioactive materials under?

What DOT class is radioactive materials under?

Class 7
Class 7 Dangerous Goods Radioactive Material.

What does hazard class 7 include?

Many different goods and substances fall into Hazard Class 7, including: Smoke detectors (most of which contain the radioactive element americium) Medical and scientific isotopes used for radiographic imaging and radiation therapy. Radioactive metals such as uranium, plutonium and cobalt.

What is the highest level of radioactive material?

RADIOACTIVE WHITE-I is the lowest category and RADIOACTIVE YELLOW-III is the highest. For example, a package with a transport index of 0.8 and a maximum surface radiation level of 0.6 millisievert (60 millirems) per hour must bear a RADIOACTIVE YELLOW-III label.

What are the transport requirements for Class 7 radioactive materials?

§ 173.426 Excepted packages for articles containing natural uranium or thorium. § 173.427 Transport requirements for low specific activity (LSA) Class 7 (radioactive) material and surface contaminated objects (SCO). § 173.428 Empty Class 7 (radioactive) materials packaging. § 173.431 Activity limits for Type A and Type B packages.

How to label Radioactive material in the US?

Subpart E. Labeling Section 172.403. Class 7 (radioactive) material. 49 CFR § 172.403 – Class 7 (radioactive) material. CFR prev| next § 172.403 Class7 (radioactive) material. (a)Unless excepted from labeling by §§ 173.421through 173.427of this subchapter, each packageof radioactive material must be labeled as provided in this section.

What are the requirements for Class 7 materials?

§ 173.422 Additional requirements for excepted packages containing Class 7 (radioactive) materials. § 173.423 Requirements for multiple hazard limited quantity Class 7 (radioactive) materials.

What are the CFR tests for radioactive materials?

§ 173.467 Tests for demonstrating the ability of Type B and fissile materials packagings to withstand accident conditions in transportation. § 173.468 Test for LSA-III material. § 173.469 Tests for special form Class 7 (radioactive) materials. § 173.471 Requirements for U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved packages.