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What does Sonusa do for Sonangol oil company?

What does Sonusa do for Sonangol oil company?

SONUSA acts as a liaison between Sonangol E.P. and the oil companies, suppliers, and other partners, providing services for and on behalf of Sonangol E.P., acting as an agent for the sale of crude oil, and its derivatives in the Americas market.

What does Sonangol do in the international market?

Ensure and strengthen Sonangol’s constant presence in the international market by competitively priced trading of crude oil and end-consumer products on behalf of Sonangol E.P.

What does Sonangol Pesquisa and Producao Iraq do?

Sonangol Pesquisa & Producao Iraq is a subsidiary of Sociedade Nacional de Combustiveis de Angola E.P., the sole concessionaire for the exploration of oil and gas on the subsoil and continental shelf of Angola, and is responsible for the exploration, production, manufacturing, transportation, and marketing of hydrocarbons in Angola.

Who is the owner of Sonangol in Angola?

Mário da Silva, who manages Dos Santos’s companies and whose assets were also frozen in December, is named as a director. Oliveira said she was, and had always been, the sole owner of Matter. Her lawyers said Matter was engaged by Sonangol, with the approval of the Angolan government, to lead and coordinate the plans to restructure Sonangol.

When was Sonangol National Fuel Society of Angola created?

Created in 1976, Sonangol – National Fuel Society of Angola – is the exclusive licensee for exploration of oil and gas in the basement and on the continental shelf of Angola.

Where are the main trading offices of Sonangol?

Sonangol USA, Sonangol London, and Sonangol Asia are the main trading and operations offices for the crude and product cargoes sold on behalf of Sonangol E.P. Sonangol Starfish which is located in Brasil, Rio de Janeiro since 22 of March 2010

Who is the chairman of the Board of Sonangol?

In December 2013, Sonangol acquired the exploration rights to five onshore oil blocks in Angola, which could be tendered for development at a later date. In June 2016, president José Eduardo dos Santos removed the entire board of Sonangol, and installed Isabel dos Santos as chairwoman of the company,…