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What do you write for a Diwali gift?

What do you write for a Diwali gift?

Simple Diwali wishes

  • “Happy Diwali and a wonderful new year!”
  • “Wishing you a bright and happy Diwali!”
  • “Prayers for love and light to you and your family!”
  • “From our family to yours, wishes for love, peace and prosperity!”
  • “May hope and happiness shine on you.”
  • “May Diwali find you surrounded by happiness and love.”

How do you say happy Diwali to a friend?

Diwali wishes for friends

  1. Here’s wishing you, the light of my life, my dear friend a very happy Diwali.
  2. May Goddess Lakshmi bless us and our friendship with her choicest blessings.
  3. May there be no shortage of happiness in your life and may you be showered with riches my dear friend — happy Diwali to you.

How do you wish happy Diwali?

Wishing you all a very happy Diwali. May the brightness of lanterns always remain in your life making your life bright and full of happiness! May you have a safe Diwali! May the divine light of Diwali fill your life with prosperity, peace and good health!

What gifts can I give to my friends this Diwali?

10 Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Friends Assorted Tea Hampers. Numerous branded tea boutiques are offering assorted tea hampers including varieties of tea. Flavored Nuts. Another exotic gift item for your friend this Diwali can be a box full of flavored nuts. Cakes and Bakery Items. Organic Food. Decorative Candle Holders. Personal Care Gifts. Home Décor Items. Fashion Jewelry.

What is good gift for Diwali?

Diwali is the biggest gift-giving holiday in India. Appropriate gifts for Diwali include dry foods, sweets, silver, home decor and gift hampers. Silver is commonly given as a means of bestowing a blessing on a woman and her family.

What are Diwali decorations?

Torans are the decorations on the entrance of homes and offices on the wall over the doors. They are usually made of coconut or mango leaves which are sometimes made by people. There are many plastic and paper torans made of colorful paper in the market which are ideal items of decoration for Diwali.

What is Diwali gift?

The traditional gifts like Lakshmi Ganesh coins, idols, puja thalis etc are quite popular on Diwali. The other traditional gifts like sweets, dry fruits, chocolates, decoratives come in stylish hampers and fancy Diwali packing. People also exchange electronic gadgets, artifacts, jewelry, wrist watches etc. on this day.