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What do Samsung 3D glasses do?

What do Samsung 3D glasses do?

Experience Immersive Viewing with Samsung 3D Glasses. If you want to watch 3D content on your Samsung TV, youll need a pair of Samsung 3D glasses. 3D glasses allow you to enjoy a seamless and comfortable watching experience when watching 3D material on 3D HDTVs.

How do you use Samsung 3D glasses?

Pairing the glasses

  1. Turn on the TV, and move the glasses within 19.5 inches of the TV.
  2. Press the Power button on the glasses briefly. The 3D glasses will power on and the pairing will begin.
  3. If the pairing is successful, you will see the message “3D glasses are connected to TV’ on the screen.

Do you need to charge 3D active glasses?

The innovative and stylish design of Samsung’s new 3D Active Glasses allows you to comfortably watch your TV for multiple hours at a time. With their quick charging ability, you’ll never have to worry about replacing batteries. When a movie night becomes a last-minute decision, don’t get caught unprepared.

Can you use 3D glasses on a Samsung TV?

They adhere to the Full HD 3D RF glasses standard, adopted in 2012, and are somewhat backward compatible so they work with Samsung 3D TVs back to 2011. They also work well with recent active 3D TVs from Panasonic and others as well as Epson’s latest 3D-capable projectors.

What’s the battery life for Samsung 3D glasses?

Samsung went with a smaller battery this year (CR1620 vs. last year’s CR2025). I guess this makes the glasses slightly smaller/lighter but it also reduces the 3D viewing time from a rated 150 hours to 70 hours.

Do you need cable for 3 D glasses?

Rechargeable adult 3-D glasses, no cable connection needed. Comfortable eyewear design with optimized size, design and light weight. This product is 3D-related. To help you get a great 3D experience, use our checklist below to ensure that you have everything you need.