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What did Alexander Bell say on the first phone call?

What did Alexander Bell say on the first phone call?

The first discernible speech is transmitted over a telephone system when inventor Alexander Graham Bell summons his assistant in another room by saying, “Mr. Watson, come here; I want you.” Bell had received a comprehensive telephone patent just three days before.

How far could the first telephone call?

10 August 1876: Alexander Graham Bell makes the world’s first long-distance telephone call, one-way, not reciprocal, over a distance of about 6 miles, between Brantford and Paris, Ontario, Canada.

Where did Alexander Graham Bell make the first telephone call?

Boston laboratory
Early Office Museum 1876: Alexander Graham Bell makes the first telephone call in his Boston laboratory, summoning his assistant from the next room.

How much did the first telephone cost in 1876?

Not just anybody could buy a DynaTAC phone: the phone weighed 1.75 pounds, had 30 minutes of talk time, and cost $3,995.

Do you know when first mobile phone call was made?

The first call from a mobile phone was made on April 3, 1973 It was made by Martin Cooper, engineer of Motorola, from a mobile phone on the streets of New York. Interestingly enough, he called on of his biggest rivals in the sector; engineer Joel Engel, from AT, just before giving a press conference to announce that he had just made the first call from a mobile phone.

When were first long distance phone calls made?

“On February 12, 1877, Bell made the first long-distance phone call in history from the Lyceum in Salem to Watson at the Boston Globe in Boston. The phone Bell was using in his demonstration was what he called his ‘Long Distance’ telephone. It was a wooden box about ten inches-by-ten-by-eight with a hole in the front.

Who is credited with inventing the telephone?

The invention of the telephone, although generally credited to Alexander Bell, was the culmination of work done by many individuals, and led to an array of lawsuits relating to the patent claims of several individuals and numerous companies.

When did the first telephone call take place?

The first telephone call was made on March 10, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell . Bell demonstrated his ability to “talk with electricity” by transmitting a call to his assistant, Thomas Watson . The first words transmitted were “Mr Watson, come here.