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What causes a fireplace not to draw?

What causes a fireplace not to draw?

Chimney needs to be cleaned: Creosote build up in the chimney can reduce the the flow of exhaust gasses which can cause fireplace smoke and may also lead to a chimney fire. A shattered chimney flue can also cause drafting problems. Such a fire simply can’t generate sufficient heat to allow the chimney to draw well.

How can I improve the draw on my chimney?

11 Quick Ways To Help Improve The Draw On Your Open Fireplace

  1. Have The Chimney Swept.
  2. Open Any Air Vents Or Windows.
  3. Fully Open The Damper.
  4. Leave Glass Doors Open Before Each Fire.
  5. Prime The Chimney Flue.
  6. Build A Fire Using The Top-Down Method.
  7. Use Low Moisture Content Logs.
  8. Burn Smaller, Hotter Fires.

Why is smoke puffing out of my wood stove?

This is usually caused by poor draft or draw. The chimney system does not pull hard enough to move the exhaust fumes quickly through the secondary burn off system. Volatile flue gases then ignite inside the main combustion zone (the fire) and make small puffs of smoke.

Why is my wood stove Backdrafting?

It is annoying, but not hazardous. The hot backdraft happens when a low fire is burning and the flue gases in an outside chimney are cooled to the point where draft collapses and smoke begins to seep from the stove. Once smoke begins to leak from a stove in that situation, a full hot backdraft can follow quickly.

What happens if your wood stove is not drawing?

A wood burning stove that isn’t drawing can lead to a fire that won’t catch alight, won’t stay alight, won’t burn the wood properly or keeps smoking. We’ve had issues with our wood stove not drawing over the years and so I’ve put together this guide on the reasons why your wood stove may not be drafting properly. The stove or flue is too cold.

What can I do if my wood stove is not working?

You can help your chimney out by pre-heating the flue (holding a burning rolled-up newspaper as near to the flue opening as you can get, for example), but some weather conditions will always interfere with wood stove performance. Depending on where in your house your stove is installed, some problems with draft may be unavoidable.

What are the problems with modern wood stoves?

A problem in modern homes that comes up with wood stoves is that the house is sealed so tightly, it’s difficult for the fire and chimney to get a sufficient amount of air for the chimney to function properly. The result is a drafty wood stove.

How does a draft work on a wood stove?

A draft works by colder air sucking warmer air towards it. As such, warmer air within your stove or flue will naturally rise up the flue, while also sucking fresh air into your stove from your home to replace the lost air.