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What can I use for blue board joints?

What can I use for blue board joints?

When rendering blueboard surfaces apply a 50mm fibreglass self adhesive tape along the joints between the sheets and other abutting structures to help prevent cracking and crazing.

Can you just paint blue board?

While it is still drywall, unlike typical drywall, you can paint directly over the blueboard. The surface, prepared to receive coverings, is an ideal surface on which to paint directly as it adheres ideally to a variety of finishes, particularly paint.

Is Blue Board water proof?

Concrete sheeting (or blue board) is a durable, water resistant alternative to plasterboard.

Is there a way to flush a blue board joint?

Blue Board Joints – How to Flush Join Blue Board. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Professional Painting Advice from a Qualified Painter & Decorator with over 30 years experience. I’m slowly putting together a channel dedicated to Painting.

What happens if you paint over a blueboard?

If the blueboard is installed and the joints are not taped, and a veneer not applied, by simply painting over the surface of the blueboard there is still the possibility that it will show the underlying defects. Nail holes, joints, and imperfections will all show through if it is simply painted.

Do you need to sand the join of blue board?

I preferably want to be able to sand the join so the whole area of sheeting can just be painted – no render or textured finish. If you RTFM at you’ll se that Hardie recommends flexible textured coatings for its ‘blue board’ products.

What kind of joinery is used for blueboard cladding?

All non-recessed joints were ground back to provide a recess to help join them. Lastly, the blueboard cladding joinery had to be fixed, and consisted of 40mm corner angle strips to finish the internal and external corners. My Cladding Render page is here.