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What are the basic treatment goals for the nutritional care of the burn patient?

What are the basic treatment goals for the nutritional care of the burn patient?

Objectives of nutritional management

  • Provide nutrition via enteral route within 6 – 18 hours post burn injury.
  • Maintain weight within 5 % – 10 % of pre-burn weight.
  • Prevent signs and symptoms of micronutrient deficiency.
  • Minimise hyperglycaemia.
  • Minimise hypertriglyceridaemia.

Why is nutrition important in burn patients?

When healing from burns, it’s very important that you do you everything you can to get proper nutrition. An adequate diet can reduce the damaging loss of lean body mass, stored energy, and protein. Without proper nutrition, you may slow the healing process, lose too much weight, and suppress your immune system.

Why is early enteral nutrition important in the burn patient?

Early nutritional support is an essential component of burn care to prevent ileus, stress ulceration, and the effects of hypermetabolism. The American Burn Association practice guidelines state that enteral feedings should be initiated as soon as practical.

What is a preferred method of feeding the burn patient according to the current literature?

Enteral feeding is preferred over parenteral nutrition. There is direct evidence in the burn population from randomized studies that show decreased infection, decreased cost, and decreased length of stay with enteral nutrition.

What kind of nutritional support do burn patients need?

There is no consensus regarding the optimal timing, route, amount, and composition of nutritional support for burn patients, but most clinicians advocate for early enteral nutrition with high-carbohydrate formulas. Nutritional support must be individualized, monitored, and adjusted throughout recovery.

What should be included in a burn injury care plan?

To implement the plan of care for a burn injury patient effectively, there should be goals that should be set: Maintenance of adequate tissue oxygenation. Maintenance of patent airway and adequate airway clearance. Restoration of optimal fluid and electrolyte balance and perfusion of vital organs.

Can a dietitian work outside a burn unit?

Dietitians working outside a specialist burn unit are encouraged to liaise closely with their colleagues within the specialist units for advice and support in burn patient nutritional management. These guidelines run concurrently throughout the acute and rehabilitative management of the patient with a burn injury.

What are the nursing priorities for burn patients?

Nursing Assessment. The nursing assessment focuses on the major priorities for any trauma patient; the burn wound is a secondary consideration. Focus on the major priorities of any trauma patient. the burn wound is a secondary consideration, although aseptic management of the burn wounds and invasive lines continues.