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What are 5 uses of chlorine?

What are 5 uses of chlorine?

Uses & Benefits

  • Water. Chlorine chemistry helps keep drinking water and swimming pools safe.
  • Household Disinfectant.
  • Food.
  • Healthcare.
  • Energy and Environment.
  • Advanced Technology.
  • Building and Construction.
  • Defense and Law Enforcement.

What is the chemical reaction of chlorine?

Chlorine will react in water to form hypochlorous acid, which can then dissociate into hydrogen and hypochlorite ions, according to Eqn (1). This reaction is very important, as the disinfecting power of HOCl, hypochlorous acid, is about 40–80 times that of OCl−, hypochlorite.

What is chlorine and its uses?

Chlorine has a variety of uses. It is used to disinfect water and is part of the sanitation process for sewage and industrial waste. During the production of paper and cloth, chlorine is used as a bleaching agent. It is also used in cleaning products, including household bleach which is chlorine dissolved in water.

How chlorine can be used in different industries?

Chlorine gas also is used as a disinfectant, microbistat/microbicide and algicide in food processing systems, pulp and paper mill systems, and commercial and industrial water cooling systems. It is used in washing meat, fresh produce and seeds to control decay-causing microorganisms.

What are the chemical reactions of chlorine Cl 2?

Chlorine, Cl 2, does not react with oxygen, O 2, and nitrogen, N 2 . Chlorine react with carbon monoxide, CO, forming COCl 2 [5]. Chlorine, Cl 2, reacts with hot aqueous alkali, forming chlorate, ClO 3−. Fluorine, F 2, reacts with chlorine, Cl 2, at 225 °C, forming ClF and ClF 3.

How is chlorine used in the real world?

At room temperature, chlorine is a yellow- green gas that is heavier than air and has a strong irritating odor. It can be converted to a liquid under pressure or cold temperatures. Chlorine is mainly used as bleach in the manufacture of paper and cloth and to make a wide variety of products.

Why is chlorine used as a household reagent?

Chlorine is used in manufacturing, as a reagent in synthetic chemistry, for water purification, and in the production of chlorinated lime, which is used in fabric bleaching. Chlorine is a commonly used household cleaner and disinfectant. Chlorine is a potent irritant to the eyes, the upper respiratory tract, and lungs.

How is chlorine bonded to other chemical compounds?

Due to its chemical reactivity, chlorine is rarely present in nature by itself as elemental chlorine, and typically exists bonded to other elements in the form of chemical compounds such as sodium chloride (table salt).