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What are 5 interesting facts about the Hawaiian Islands?

What are 5 interesting facts about the Hawaiian Islands?


  • Surfing was invented in Hawaii.
  • You can mail a coconut from here.
  • Maui’s Mount Haleakala is the largest dormant volcano in the world.
  • We wear white pants after Labor Day.
  • Maui is home to a Frank Lloyd Wright design.
  • Hawaii is the only U.S. state with two official languages.

What are 10 interesting facts about Hawaii?

10 Fun Facts About Hawaii

  • From East to west, Hawaii is the widest sate in the USA.
  • There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet.
  • Hawaii has its own time zone, The Hawaiian Stand Time.
  • Hawaii has no Racial or Ethnic Majorities of any kind.
  • The island of Oahu has the world’s largest Wind Turbine.

What are some cool facts about Hawaii?

10 of the Most Interesting Facts About Hawaii

  1. Hawaii is the Only State that Grows Coffee Commercially.
  2. The Dole Plantation is Home to the Largest Maze in the World.
  3. Hawaii Was the First State to Ban Plastic Bags.
  4. Hawaii is the Backdrop of Multiple Hollywood Blockbusters.
  5. Hawaii is the Widest State in America.

What is Hawaii nickname?

The Aloha StateThe Islands of Aloha

What makes Hawaii so special?

Part of what makes the islands of Hawaii so special is the culture, a big drawcard to this South Pacific holiday destination. Much more than spectacular sunsets, beautiful beaches and wordclass surfing, the Hawaiian culture influences everything from language and religion to fashion and cuisine.

What language do they speak in Hawaii?

Hawaiian, along with English, is an official language of the state of Hawaii. King Kamehameha III established the first Hawaiian-language constitution in 1839 and 1840.

Does Hawaii get cold?

Hawaii has only two seasons – summer, from May to September, and winter, from October to April. Winters in Hawaii are cooler and have northwestern winds. Temperatures are on average about 75 degrees during the days and 65 at night. Summer highs average around 85 degrees.

Why there are no snakes in Hawaii?

Snakes are illegal in Hawaii. They have no natural predators here and pose a serious threat to Hawaii’s environment because they compete with native animal populations for food and habitat. Many species also prey on birds and their eggs, increasing the threat to endangered native birds.

What are some interesting facts about the state of Hawaii?

The state of Hawaii has lost more species and has more endangered species than any other state in the U.S. Around 70% of this state’s native birds are extinct and the rest are listed as being in danger of becoming extinct. It is considered rude to refuse to wear a lei flower if someone offers it.

What are some quirky things about living in Hawaii?

Of course, there is the obvious: we have beautiful weather here year-round, and the Hawaiian culture is completely unique in the world. But we also have our share of quirky traditions, “unspoken” rules of acceptable behavior, and unusual factoids that are simply part of our daily life in Hawaii.

Which is the capital of the state of Hawaii?

Hawaii (nicknamed: Aloha State, Pineapple State, Rainbow State) has 5 counties. The state’s capital is Honolulu. The abbreviation for Hawaii is HI. With these facts about Hawaii, let us learn more about its history, geography, people, economy, culture, volcanoes, islands, etc.

When did Hawaii become part of the United States?

Hawaii is the40thmost populousand the 43rdmost extensiveof the 50 states of the United States. Hawaii is the only U.S. state located outside North America. The state attained statehood on August 21, 1959, becoming the 50thstateto join the union. It has no bordering states. See the complete list of the 50 states and their bordershere.