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Quanto costa la Honda SH 150?

Quanto costa la Honda SH 150?

€ 3.590,00
Listino € 3.590,00 f.c.

Quanto costa SH 150 2021?

€ 3.790,00
Listino € 3.790,00 f.c.

Quanto pesa la Honda SH 150?

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Consumi 44,7 km/l ciclo medio WMTC con Start&Stop disattivato
Altezza da terra 142 mm
Peso con il pieno 134,1 kg
Altezza della sella 799 mm
Avancorsa 85 mm

Quanto costa Honda SH 300 nuovo?

€ 5.540,00
Listino € 5.540,00 f.c.

How much does a new Honda SH 150i cost?

Price of the New Model Honda SH 150i 2020 The New Model Honda SH 150i comes on the market in 2 versions, below we can check what they are and their current price: SH 150i DLX: $ 3500. SH 150i: $ 3400.

Where does the Honda SH150i scooter come from?

And in 2017 the look was refreshed with more chiselled design lines, and LED front/rear lights and Honda Smart Key added. Now, for 2020 the SH150i (manufactured at Honda’s Atessa factory in Italy – and immensely popular in the Italian market due to legislation that prohibits 125cc machines from motorways) is effectively a brand-new scooter.

Is the Honda SH150i engine Euro5 compliant?

And just as important to owners and for a machine that will spend most of its time in an urban environment, the SH150i’s engine is EURO5 compliant; the allowable limits for exhaust tailpipe pollutants such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide specified by EURO5 are drastically reduced compared to those of EURO4.

What kind of ABS does a Honda SH150i have?

ABS is fitted as standard; both front and rear discs have a 240mm diameter; the front caliper is a three-piston design, the rear a single piston. Alongside the standard top box are the redesigned screen and knuckle guards for enhanced weather protection.