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Is Vulcan good or bad?

Is Vulcan good or bad?

Vulcan (Gabriel Summers) is a fictional supervillain and superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He first appeared in X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 (January 2006). He is the third Summers brother to be revealed, the younger brother of X-Men characters Cyclops and Havok.

How did Vulcan get his powers?

Powers. Warlock’s statement Vulcan is an Omega level mutant. He also is described to be “at least Omega Level” by Emma Frost,”past Omega” by Professor X, and “way past Omega” by Rachel Summers, after being exposed to bursts of mutant energy. It was stated that the burst of mutant energy elevated him to Omega-Level.

Who is the most powerful mutant?

Again, Franklin is the most powerful Mutant within the main continuity of the Marvel Universe. Technically, all the powers these two characters have – Franklin Richards will have them as an adult. Your list is missing some of the most powerful mutants there are.

Is Vulcan dead?

Vulcan ‘died’ a bunch of times throughout the Horus Heresy and throughout the old lore, but since he’s a perpetual as of recently he can’t permanently die. However he’s currently a part of Trayzyn the Infinite’s ‘collection. ‘

How did Vulcan get his powers in X Men?

Vulcan used his powers to heal D’Ken’s injuries. Afterwards, a grateful D’Ken asked Vulcan to marry Deathbird. After his wedding Vulcan threw Professor Xavier into the M’Kraan Crystal (which restored his powers), killed D’Ken and named himself emperor of the Shi’ar.

Why did Vulcan kill Corsair in X Men?

In the midst of a battle between the Shi’ar troops loyal to Lilandra (with Corsair’s Starjammers and X-Men) and Shi’ar troops loyal to D’Ken, Corsair was killed by Vulcan when Corsair commanded Vulcan, as his father, to stop the senseless violence. The civil war between Vulcan’s forces and those loyal to the dethroned Lilandra raged on.

Who are the parents of Vulcan in Star Trek?

Vulcan’s history began on the Shi’ar throne-world, as the unborn child of Christopher and Katherine Summers (parents of Cyclops and Havok ). Katherine Summers was pregnant when the Summers were abducted by D’Ken.

How did Cyclops die in the movie Vulcan?

Vulcan revealed to Cyclops that they were in fact brothers, and sent Cyclops away on their jet to safety. As the jet took off, Cyclops watched in horror as the living island struck down and, seemingly, killed Vulcan and his team.