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Is the enclave better than the Brotherhood of Steel?

Is the enclave better than the Brotherhood of Steel?

The Brotherhood of Steel would win the war against the Enclave in the east, their mobile base crawler being destroyed by the actions of the Lone Wanderer; its destruction being a decisive blow. The Enclave would survive, but would pull out of the Capital Wasteland.

Why does the NCR hate the Brotherhood of Steel?

↑ The Courier: “Why do you hate the Brotherhood so much?” Robert House: “Because they’re ridiculous! Because they galavant around the Mojave pretending to be Knights of Yore. Or did, until the NCR showed them that ideological purity and shiny power armor don’t count for much when you’re outnumbered 15:1.

Do I have to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel New Vegas?

One does not need to blow up the Brotherhood Of Steel bunker; killing the members is sufficient.

What happens if I join Brotherhood of Steel New Vegas?

You will be immediately recruited as part of the Brotherhood of Steel and be given a T-45d Power Armor. A matching helmet will come along with the armor and the proper training to be able to wear it. The training is a special Power Armor Training perk, which is added to your character.

Is there a Brotherhood of steel in Fallout New Vegas?

The Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel appears only in Fallout: New Vegas, and is mentioned in the add-ons Dead Money and Old World Blues . “Many years have passed since the events of Fallout 1 and in the time between F2 and F:NV, the western Brotherhood has suffered very heavy losses.

Why did the Brotherhood of steel fight the NCR?

The NCR flag (left) and Brotherhood of Steel emblem (right). “Due to disagreements over how technology should be controlled in the wasteland, the Brotherhood of Steel waged a long and bloody war against the NCR. Despite superior equipment and training, the Brotherhood went into retreat.”— Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

Who is the leader of the Brotherhood of steel?

Brotherhood of Steel Vs. NCR I recently picked back up on Fallout: New Vegas and I just helped the Brotherhood of Steel get back up on their feet and completed all of the missions for them. Now Elder McNamara (Leader of BOS) is talking about striking HELIOS One.

Can You ally with the Brotherhood of steel?

The Brotherhood of Steel is not a main storyline faction. You can choose between the NCR, Legion, House, or yourself (Yes Man). You can actually ally the BoS with the NCR as long as you do not replace McNamara as the Elder in charge.