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Is parking free at Monash Uni?

Is parking free at Monash Uni?

You can park for free: from 4pm in blue bays and metered areas (unless otherwise signed) from 5pm in the red and yellow bays. on the weekend in the blue, red, yellow bays and metered areas.

How much does Monash parking cost?

Each parking zone charges a different hourly rate. Blue permit zones are the cheapest, charging $0.47 per hour. Metered (visitor) parking zones are substantially more expensive, $3.75-4.06 per hour. You’ll be charged by the minute with a five-hour daily cap.

How do I park at Monash Clayton?

Sign in to vPermit with your Monash account. Navigate to My Permits, and then click the Apply for a vPermit button. Select your campus from the drop down list, and then permit that you require: Staff Blue Parking Permit – Clayton 2021 (VIP)

How do I pay for parking at Monash?

All of our campuses have metered parking areas for visitors where you pay casual rates for the time you park. There are two ways to pay for your parking, either pay-by-app or at a parking meter. Please check our campus maps for the locations of designated metered parking areas.

Where can I Park on the Monash campus?

You can park in Blue parking areas all day or Yellow parking areas for a maximum of 2 hours at a time at the Caulfield, Clayton or Peninsula campuses. Parking at the Parkville campus is only in the signed metered bays – don’t forget to use the contractor code when parking your vehicle. Monash University campuses have limited parking spaces.

Do you get a refund for a parking infringement at Monash?

Monash University is offering parking infringement refunds for eligible infringements issued between 2006 and 2019. If you have received a parking infringement from Monash University between these dates and had applied for an internal review, you may be eligible for a refund. You can pay an infringement notice here.

Are there any online exams for Monash University?

Monash is progressively rolling out online exams and assessment. They are called eExams and are delivered through a new, engaging Moodle interface. Created and marked by your teaching staff, eExams can apply to both in-semester assessment tasks and end-of-semester exams.

How to contact Monash University student service centre?

Monash Connect is your student service centre and our friendly staff here to help. See our website for forms, letters, ID cards and more. For all your IT needs, see the eSolutions website. For more help, you can submit an online request to the Service Desk or phone us during business hours.