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Is Panajachel safe?

Is Panajachel safe?

Panajachel has a low crime rate and is fairly safe (though the usual precautions to keep oneself safe are encouraged). Panajachel is frequented by tourists so locals are used to a diverse populations of visitors.

Is Panajachel a big city?

Is Panajachel a big city? Panajachel is only big by Lake Atitlan standards. With an estimated population of around 15,000 it is the second-largest town on the lake.

What happened Panajachel?

During the period of the Spanish conquest of Guatemala, the shores of the lake were the scene of the great battle in which the Spanish and their Cakchiquel allies defeated the Tzutujils. The original facade of the church stills stands, and is one of the gems of the colonial style in Guatemala.

What’s in the center of Panajachel?

Today the house serves as the Cultural Center and is lovingly restored and one of two historic buildings “patrimonio culturales” (the central Church of Saint Francis of Assisi being the other) in Panajachel.

How tall is the town of Panajachel in Guatemala?

Location in Guatemala. Panajachel (Spanish pronunciation: [panaxaˈtʃel], Pana) is a town in the southwestern Guatemalan Highlands, less than 90 miles from Guatemala City, in the department of Sololá. It serves as the administrative centre for the surrounding municipality of the same name. The elevation is 1,597 metres (5,240 ft).

Where is Panajachel located on Lake Atitlan?

The town of Panajachel is located on the Northeast shore of Lake Atitlán, and has become a centre for the tourist trade of the area as it provides a base for visitors crossing the lake to visit other towns and villages. “Panajachel” derives from the Kaqchikel language and roughly translates to “place of the Matasanos,” the white sapote fruit tree.

How to get to Panajachel Guatemala by car?

Located in the southwestern of Guatemalan Highlands, Panajachel is reachable by bus or car going through the Pan-American Highway and via Solala. An alternative route is the Ruta del Paisaje, which is very scenic and shorter, though is rougher because of the present highways conditions.

What was the Battle of Panajachel in Guatemala?

In the 16th century, during the period of the Spanish conquest of Guatemala, the shore of the lake was the scene of a battle in which the Spanish and their Kaqchikel allies defeated the Tz’utujils.