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Is Oliver Peoples owned by Luxottica?

Is Oliver Peoples owned by Luxottica?

Founded in 1987 in the heart of West Hollywood and acquired by Luxottica in 2007, Oliver Peoples is known for its vintage-inspired aesthetic shaped by the unique culture of Los Angeles, through elements of fashion, film, art, and music.

Is fashion eyewear authentic?

Are all of your products authentic? We guarantee that all of our products are 100% Authentic. Fashion Eyewear is an authorised retailer; all of our products are entirely genuine and purchased directly from the brand manufacturers. This allows us to offer you the latest eyewear trends at extremely competitive prices.

Is the Oliver Peoples prescription lens still available?

We are still here to serve you online. The Oliver Peoples Proprietary prescription lens is crafted with the most innovative technologies and digitally optimized for advanced sharpness and clarity. Together, our lenses and frames are the perfect pair for an unrivaled eyewear experience.

Where can I get Gregory Peck eyeglasses for sale?

The Gregory Peck frames were released as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the film, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Los Angeles Public Library. The frames now exist in 7 frame options for eyeglasses, including the original tortoise frame (Raintree), and 9 sunglass options. Each frame has Gregory Peck inscribed in the temple.

What kind of logo is on Oliver Peoples eyeglasses?

Custom Oliver Peoples hand-inlaid logo insignia at the temple tip assures authenticity. All frames come with a case and cloth to protect the frames when not being worn. Designed to fit the iconic Gregory Peck optical frame, the new sunglass clip features a prong attachment.

Where does Oliver Peoples Crystal Lens come from?

The Oliver Peoples Proprietary lens provides the ultimate visual experience. The launch of the Oliver Peoples Proprietary Crystal lens is a partnership with Barberini, the most prestigious lens producer in the world, specializing in optical glass. Each glass lens is developed and manufactured at the Barberini factory in Silvi, Italy.