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Is National Magazine Exchange a real company?

Is National Magazine Exchange a real company?

The National Publishers Exchange is a clearinghouse for magazine subscriptions sold by hundreds of independent sellers of magazines across the country.

How do I cancel National Magazine Exchange?

You will always have at least 10 days to cancel. In some instances, depending upon your state and local laws, you will have longer. If you would prefer to speak with a Customer Service Representative please call 1-888-588-4134.

Are Magazine Sweepstakes legit?

Magazine sweepstakes are, in general, not scams. Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, O Magazine, Redbook, and many other publications sponsor sweepstakes that are trustworthy and fun. By entering, you can win cash, trips, household items, and other prizes that appeal to the magazine’s target audience.

Is National Magazine Exchange associated with Publishers Clearing House?

The company would run operations under several names, all tied to National Magazine Exchange, including Agora Marketing Solutions Inc., NME, National List Exchange, National Clearing Exchange, Clearinghouse Magazine, Strike It Rich 2 Sweepstakes and ThinkDirect Marketing Inc.

Are there any complaints about magazine subscription fraud?

The Federal Trade Commission’s Sentinel Consumer Network fielded 6,309 complaints (PDF) from around the U.S. about magazine and book purchases in 2018, up slightly from the previous year. If you get a magazine or newspaper subscription offer in the mail, protect yourself against a potential scam by taking these steps:

Do you have to buy a magazine to win the National Magazine exchange?

There is no purchase necessary to enter the sweepstakes. The odds of winning are determined by the number of people who enter. The company … This company offers magazine sales via phone and a telemarketing call center for various companies and products.

What should you avoid with self publishing companies?

Self-publishing companies to avoid often do the following: ‘Upsell’ the author where possible. Initially quiet about about marketing/publicity/creating an author website, a vanity publisher will then try to charge authors extra fees for these services. Entice the author into entering paid contests.

How does a publisher pay for a book?

The publisher will then cover the costs of editorial, design, and marketing. Once the book is published, the author will receive a royalty of every copy sold (after the author’s total royalties have covered the advance). Notice how, at no point in this process, the author hands any money to the publisher?