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Is it illegal to send glitter bombs?

Is it illegal to send glitter bombs?

The mail prank is not explicitly illegal, as no states have laws on the books regulating any little sparkly bits, but in-person glitter attacks have been prosecuted. In 2012, a Boulder student faced up to six months in jail and a fine of $1,000 for glitter bombing Mitt Romney at a Colorado campaign event.

How do I send a glitter bomb?

martinak15 via Flickr A couple weeks ago, an expletive-laden Australian website called Ship Your Enemies Glitter went viral. The premise of the website is simple: for $9.99, you can send an envelope full of glitter to someone you don’t especially care for. A note to the person is included in the envelope too.

How to make a glitter bomb greeting card?

Step 1: Cut Your Tissue Paper 1 Cut a rectangle out of your tissue paper big enough so that it covers the middle of the greeting card. 2 Glue 3 edges of the rectangle and fold it in half to make a pouch. 3 Glue the 2 edges, separately folding them over to ensure the glitter can’t escape.

How do you make a glitter bomb Popper?

Attach the trapdoor by using the hot glue to glue the edges of the tissue paper to the sides of the tube. At this point, your glitter bomb popper should look like a tube with one end sealed off, and a string ‘tail’ extending from the base. Decorate the tube and fill the tube with glitter.

What is the purpose of a glitter bomb?

Glitter bombs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. However, they all have the same purpose – they explode when opened to create a cascade of glitter. Glitter bombs are great at concerts, outdoor parties, and sleepovers. While fun, they can be messy and a pain to clean-up.

How to spring load a glitter bomb card for maximum mess?

Fill the pouch a quarter full (about 1 and a half desert spoons). Glue down the opened edge and fold over. Flatten out the pouch and check for leaks. The spring is what rips the pouch open and throws it forwards. Without it the glitter will fall directly down and won’t have as much impact.