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Is granite a good choice for kitchen countertops?

Is granite a good choice for kitchen countertops?

Granite countertops remain the preferred choice for kitchen countertops for consumers nationwide. Unlike most other countertop surfaces, granite countertops are 100% natural, extremely durable, and available in hundreds of colors covering virtually every design preference.

Is granite still popular for kitchens?

Turns agrees that granite is still in high demand, partly because the available color options have increased substantially since the early 2000s. “Because no two slabs of granite are exactly the same, the variety is enormous,” she says.

Is it worth getting granite countertops?

Either installing from the building process or replacing the old laminate countertops, the investment you are making by upgrading to granite countertops is a no-brainer. The monetary investment will be worth it in the long run not only for the elegance and appeal, but it will add anywhere from 20%-30% of the cost.

Is it good to use granite countertop in kitchen?

Perhaps, it is the right time for you to consider using granite. Using granite for countertop not only provides very durable work area but they also come in wide array of colors and patterns. Let’s move into reasons why granite becomes amazing option for kitchen countertop. How durable is granite?

What to do about stains on granite countertops?

Prevent visible stains with a darker color selection and consistent sealant. Granite countertops are prone to staining when they come in contact with heat or moisture. In a kitchen with a lot of activity, a darker color granite with less complexity in the pattern will show less staining over time.

Why do you need a granite backsplash in a kitchen?

A kitchen backsplash with granite is naturally resistant to all sorts of damage you’d encounter in a kitchen – there’s a reason it’s so widely used for countertop designs. Durability paired with sleekenss is what make granite backsplashes suitable for almost all kitchen designs.

How much does it cost to install granite countertops?

The national average to purchase and install granite countertops is $3,100, according to HomeAdvisor—a small price to pay compared to a full kitchen remodel, which stacks up to an average of $22,839.