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Is De Dana Dan a copy of?

Is De Dana Dan a copy of?

De Dana Dan The remake of Priyadarshan’s film Vettam, ‘De Danadan’, proved to be a flop in all the places along with the box office, but the film was very liked because it was a comedy movie. Akshay Kumar was seen in the film with Shetty and Katrina Kaif.

Who played Akshay Kumar’s love interest in the movie Dana Dan?

Nitin Bankar, played by Akshay Kumar and Ram Mishra, played by Sunil Shetty, find themselves lucky in love as they have two billionaire heiresses, Anjali Kakkad (Katrina Kaif) and Manpreet Oberoi (Sameera Reddy) for lovers.

How much did De Dana Dan earn?


Schedule Amount
India box office Nett cr. 48.01 cr.
India box office Gross cr. 61.55 cr.
Overseas Gross cr. 16.88 cr.
Worldwide collections Gross cr. 78.43 cr.

Is De Dana Dan hit or flop?

De Dana Dan ( transl. Hit left and right) is a 2009 Indian Hindi-language comedy film directed by Priyadarshan. It was released on 27 November 2009 and was a moderate box office success.

Who is the director of De Dana Dan?

De Dana Dan. Jump to navigation Jump to search. De Dana Dan (English: Hit left and right) is a 2009 Indian Hindi-language comedy film directed by Priyadarshan.

Who is Manpreet in De Dana Dan movie?

But now their rich girlfriends – Anjali (Katrina Kaif) and Manpreet (Sameera Reddy) have given them an ultimatum – earn enough money so that we can elope or forget us forever. Broke and desperate Nitin and Ram need to make big money and fast.

Who is in love with Ram in De Dana Dan?

Nitin is fed up with Kuljeet’s dog, Moolchand Ji, who always puts Nitin into trouble. Ram works for a courier service in Singapore. He had originally gone there to work in Chinese films, but he was not selected. Anjali Kakkad ( Katrina Kaif ), is in love with Nitin and Manpreet Oberoi ( Sameera Reddy) is in love with Ram.

Who is the dog in De Dana Dan?

They hit upon an audacious plan – to kidnap Moolchandji – the spoilt dog of rich bitch Archana (Archana Puran Singh). But Moolchandji runs away, and the police think it’s Nitin who’s been kidnapped. As the guys try to get their hands on the ransom money, they encounter assorted characters like a Chinese Don, a hired assassin, an ACB…