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Is Browns Ferry nuclear Plant active?

Is Browns Ferry nuclear Plant active?

The site has three General Electric boiling water reactor (BWR) nuclear generating units and is owned entirely by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)….

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant
Owner(s) Tennessee Valley Authority
Operator(s) Tennessee Valley Authority
Nuclear power station
Reactor type BWR

How much power does Browns Ferry produce?

3,900 megawatts
The Browns Ferry Nuclear Power plant in Athens provides over 3,900 megawatts of carbon free electricity. The plant serves seven states, powers over two million homes and is making even more advancements.

What is the largest nuclear power plant in the US?

Palo Verde Generating Station
Palo Verde Generating Station (PVGS) is considered the largest nuclear energy facility in the United States. It is located approximately 55 miles west of downtown Phoenix near the community of Wintersburg, Arizona.

What does Browns Ferry nuclear plant do for the community?

Browns Ferry employees give back to the area communities through the Browns Ferry Spirit Fund, an employee-funded and volunteer-operated community-assistance program that has helped plant employees and neighbors for more than 20 years.

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Who was the original owner of Browns Ferry?

The North Alabama ferry was originally operated by the Cherokee family of John Brown and historically recorded as being used as early as November 1813 by local Cherokee Cuttyatoy. John Brown’s daughter Patsy married Captain John D. Chisholm who acted as an attorney for Chickamauga Chief Doublehead who lived at Doublehead’s Town at Browns Ferry.

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