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Is Blue John stone valuable?

Is Blue John stone valuable?

Blue John, also known as Derbyshire Fluorspar, is a semi-precious mineral famed for its gorgeous purple, blue and yellow colouring. The rarity of this semi-precious gemstone makes the jewellery it adorns that more valuable.

Do they still mine Blue John?

Blue John Stone is now only mined in two caverns: Treak Cliff Cavern and Blue John Cavern. This mineral, a colour banded form of fluorspar, is so beautiful that it has been prized for many hundreds of years.

What kind of stone is Blue John?

mineral fluorite
In the early 18th century, an attractive new stone was found in Treak Cliff Cavern near Derbyshire, England. It was a rare form of the mineral fluorite with bands of purplish-blue or yellow. It came to be called “Blue John.”

Where to find Blue John Stone in UK?

In the meantime all emails and calls to the shops and stores will be answered. Please keep safe and we’ll see you once things are back to normal. Treak Cliff Cavern in Castleton is famous throughout the world for its unique and large deposits of Blue John stone and houses some of the most beautiful cave formations found in the UK.

Where was the Blue John of Derbyshire found?

Both cups, known as the Crawford Cup and the Barber Cup, are in the British Museum. It is sometimes said that Blue John of Derbyshire was discovered by the Romans. However the earliest source of this story is William Adam’s 1843 book Gem of the Peak. It seems likely that Adam was attempting to add some mystique to the Derbyshire Blue John.

What kind of earrings are Blue John Stones?

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When to polish your own Blue John Stone?

Polish your own Blue John Stone – planning to be available from August this year, when people of all ages can select, prepare and polish a slice of Blue John Stone to take home. Treak Cliff Cavern is an excellent educational resource used by hundreds of teachers to deliver many aspects of the geography curriculum across all Key Stages.