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How to Fix Buffering Issues while Streaming Movies and Shows?

Everyone wants to spend Friday and Saturday nights watching movies or binge-watching shows. The reason is obvious that everyone wants to get out of the stress and exhaustion felt throughout the week. Without having a dose of entertainment, passing next week would be challenging and hard.

It has been seen that majority of people turn to streaming services for all their entertainment. Without leaving home, renting a movie, or paying a hefty cable subscription, everything is just a tap away. The war between cable and streaming has risen due to many reasons and one of them is affordability.

If you were thinking of cutting the cord completely, that would be a good decision in the coming days as your wallet will remain fat and plump. But without having a good speed internet, you won’t be able to stream smoothly and may face buffering issues.

It is a blessing to live in an urban area, where you can find plenty of internet options such as cable, fiber, and DSL internet. Bu the problem arises when you live in a rural area where not many service providers are offering high-speed internet.

In rural areas, you can only find satellite internet such as HughesNet, which is more expensive than most ordinary cable internet. But having internet even if you have to pay higher will do the work. Hughesnet despite offering limited data also offers a bonus zone from 2 am to 8 am so that you could do all the heavy activities like downloading, streaming, or gaming. For more info, you can contact customer support at HughesNet internet en español. Get in contact with them even if you are a Spanish speaker for all the inquiries and assistance.

If you have been facing buffering issues while streaming, you can try the following fixes to get it back to normal. Let’s take a look at it.

Check Your Internet Speed

Internet speed is the biggest factor when it comes to streaming. It all depends on the package you opt for to stream movies and TV shows. For instance, if you have subscribed to a 10Mbps internet plan and there are 5 to 10 members involved in heavy internet usage, then you need to think of upgrading your plan.

However, if the same speed is being subscribed for only one to two members, then it might not disrupt you when streaming Netflix or any other platform.

Disconnect Other Devices

When it comes to streaming, there is no point in watching movies and TV shows with blurry and dotted pictures. Everyone wants to watch in high resolution particularly in 4K to experience realistic sound effects and pictures. However, if multiple devices are connected to the same WiFi, you might not be able to stream smoothly in high resolution.

It is important to disconnect all those devices because these devices are consuming some amount of bandwidth. All the background applications are eating up some amount of bandwidth leading to slow internet and consequently resulting in buffering issues.

Data Caps

It is always good to look for an internet service provider offering unlimited data. The reason is that most internet activities involve too much consumption of data. For instance, downloading, torrenting, streaming, and gaming all require a huge amount of data.

Unluckily if you could not find any service provider in your area offering unlimited data, then it is best to have one offering the highest data limit. Once you reach the limit, the internet service provider throttles the speed, resulting in buffering issues. Make sure to set your daily data limits and try to avoid any activities that involve draining data limits.

Check Your Cable Connections

Slow internet speed is the biggest cause of buffering issues. However, if you identify and analyze the problem, you might come to the conclusion that the issues arise when you have loose connections. No matter what type of internet you are using, you need to tighten your connections.

Moreover, if there are any cracked wires and cables, don’t delay and replace them with the new ones immediately. Once you have done the replacement, you will see a huge difference in speed. Instead of contacting customer support immediately, do check your wires and cables.

Check WiFi Signals

There are plenty of reasons you might be facing buffering issues. One of the reasons is to have low WiFI signals. It normally happens because sometimes your WiFi signals are interrupted by things like metallic objects and microwaves. If you have anything placed near your WiFi, make sure to remove it immediately without any delay. Once you remove it, you will see a huge difference in speed.

Buy a WiFi Extender

When it comes to signals, you might face disruption, if you are living in a big house. For instance, if your router is placed in the lower portion and you are watching Netflix season on the upper floor, you might find your device showing poor signals.

It can be fixed by investing a small amount to buy a WiFi extender. This extender will help you to cover all the areas of your home and let you stream movies and TV shows in every part of the home.

Summing Up

Buffering issues are normal and there is no need to panic, especially if you are binge-watching shows on a weekend night. You can address the issue by following the aforementioned methods and gaining speed to stream smoothly.