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How old is Dale Dickey?

How old is Dale Dickey?

59 years (September 29, 1961)
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Where is Dale Dickey from?

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
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Who is the hooker on My Name is Earl?

Patricia Michelle Weezmer
Patricia Michelle Weezmer , known commonly as Patty the Daytime Hooker is a prostitute in Camden County who provides sexual services and other fetishes at large discounts. She first appeared in the “Pilot” episode where every year, Earl had booked Patty for Randy’s birthday.

Who plays Juanda?

Dale Dickey
Dale Dickey is an American actress who portrays Juanda Husser in the Season One episodes Funerary, Quicksand, Batsh*t, Escape, Teatro, and Avalanche, and the Season Two episodes Vaginalologist and Breezy, of Claws.

Who is Patty on my Name is Earl?

Prior to joining the cast of My Name Is Earl as the recurring Patty, Dale Dickey had plenty of small appearances to her name in notable movies and shows but no notable performances to truly showcase her ability.

Who was the actor who played Young Randy on my Name is Earl?

Noah Crawford. Actor | Director | Writer. Noah Crawford played “young Earl” on the show My Name Is Earl (2005) alongside Ryan Armstrong, who played “young Randy” in 20 episodes. He was normally portrayed as the unruly child who continuously got into trouble.

Who is the actress who plays Opal McHone in my Name is Earl?

She is known for her recurring roles as Nash on the hit HBO series Vice Principals and as Patty on NBC comedy series My Name Is Earl and as Opal McHone in CBS historical drama Christy. Dickey has had several roles in films such as The Pledge, Our Very Own, Domino, Super 8, Being Flynn and The Guilt Trip.

Who is Joy Turner in my Name is Earl?

Joy Farrah Turner ( née Darville, also Joy Hickey) (played by Jaime Pressly) is Earl’s ex-wife who divorces him in the first episode and then marries his friend Darnell during the first season of the series. She is pessimistic, cold-hearted, stubborn and vain.