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How much weight can the Jaws of Life Lift?

How much weight can the Jaws of Life Lift?

Read these stats and you’ll agree: It features up to 57,998 pounds of spreading force, up to 19,108 pounds of pulling force and an incredible 120,268 pounds of cutting force. It is a force to be reckoned with on any job.

What is a spreader jaws of life?

The Jaws of Life has been used in thousands of emergency situations to assist firefighters. The machines are hydraulic tools also known as cutters, spreaders and rams that are used to pry open vehicles in accidents in which a victim may be trapped.

What does extricated with the Jaws of Life mean?

The jaws of life is a term that refers to many hydraulic rescue tools used by emergency response crews in order to extricate an accident victim from the wreckage of a rollover, car crash, or other vehicular accident.

What is eDRAULIC?

What is eDRAULIC®? eDRAULIC (E1, E2, and EWXT) is a technology developed for rescue equipment, based on the principle of electro-hydraulics, where electrical energy is converted into hydraulic force.

What are the new Hurst jaws of life?

The new EWXT tools, the perfect combination of power, design and speed to rescue. Make sure you have the right tool when it comes time to save a life. Stronger, smaller and lighter, our battery-powered rescue tools are quicker than ever. Operate underwater with EWXT rescue tools.

How big is the Hurst jaws of life spreader?

Technical Specification Make Hurst Jaws of Life Manufacturer Hurst Jaws of Life Model code SP 310 Spreading Distance (in.) 21~30 Spreading Force (lbs.) > 50,000

Why was the Hurst power rescue tool so popular?

He hired Mike Brick to market the device nationwide. Brick downsized it to 65 pounds and pitched the Hurst Power Rescue Tool to fire departments in the early 1970s as a way to free accident victims from cars. The tool was an instant success because it was faster, safer, more powerful, and easier to use than power saws, pry bars, and blow torches.

Which is the most powerful jaws of life tool?

The SC 757E2 combi tool is the single most powerful battery combination tool on the rescue market. And that’s only half the story, because it… Our new eDRAULIC® spreader is 12% lighter, yet 20% more powerful than its predecessor. It’s one of the strongest and most compact portable spreaders on the market. The SP 333E2 has…