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How much is vermeer company worth?

How much is vermeer company worth?

Vermeer Manufacturing’s annual revenues are over $500 million (see exact revenue data) and has over 1,000 employees. It is classified as operating in the Agriculture, Construction & Mining Machinery Manufacturing industry.

What does Vermeer Manufacturing make?

agricultural machinery
Vermeer is a manufacturer of agricultural machinery and other heavy equipment. The company’s farm equipment offerings include hay tools, such as balers, rakes, and tedders. Vermeer also makes a line of concrete cutters, directional drills, pile drivers, and trenchers used in utility and pipeline installation.

Who owns Vermeer Manufacturing?

Gary Vermeer
Founded in 1948 by Gary Vermeer, as Vermeer Manufacturing Company, the company is in its third generation of family management under President and CEO Jason Andringa as well as other members of the third generation.

Who are Vermeer’s competitors?

Vermeer Sales and Service’s top competitors include Toromont Cat, Kaishan, Juki and STIHL. Vermeer is a provider of industrial equipment. Toromont Cat is a heavy equipment dealer.

How long has Vermeer been in business?

Since 1948, the manufacturer has expanded beyond agricultural equipment to make giant machines used in mining, forestry and underground utility work. It now employs nearly 3,000 people across the globe.

Where is Vermeer based?

Pella, Iowa
Our hometown. Located in Pella, Iowa, USA, Vermeer is committed to the areas where we do business, but also to the communities our team members call home.

Where are Vermeer chippers made?

the Netherlands
Vermeer team members in Goes have reason to celebrate with the production launch of the BC200 brush chipper, the first Vermeer machine fully developed in the Netherlands.

Who was the model for Girl with a Pearl Earring?

But the evidence suggests Vermeer’s daughter Maria was his likely model and a crucial part of his art. More provocatively, I believe that Maria Vermeer was also a gifted artist who painted roughly one-fifth of the works currently assigned to her father.

Who is the CEO of Vermeer?

Jason M. Andringa (Nov 1, 2015–)
Vermeer Company/CEO

Why did Vermeer paint The Girl with a Pearl Earring?

Vermeer, a Dutch master painter at his peak, dedicated his life to developing his craft. By 1665, when the Girl with a Pearl Earring was created, Vermeer had begun to depict women, demonstrating a deep interest in their socio-cultural roles. The subject in this painting is believed to be Vermeer’s daughter, Maria.

Where is Vermeer Corporation located?

Vermeer is headquartered in Pella, Iowa, U.S.A., with regional offices in Brazil, the Netherlands and Singapore; additional manufacturing facilities in South Dakota, South Carolina, Florida and Tianjin; and more than 600 dealers located around the world.

How many Vermeer dealers are there?

Vermeer aims to provide each customer with a differentiated, highly personalized experience consistently through the robust dealer network of more than 600 locations around the world.