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How much is the 100 year anniversary of the Union Building r2 worth?

How much is the 100 year anniversary of the Union Building r2 worth?


Krause number UC# 101
Currency rate 2 ZAR = 0.14 USD
Year 2014
Subject 100th Anniversary of the Union Buildings
Period Republic of South Africa (1961 – 2021)

What is the union building popular for?

Like an ancient temple adorning over the city it governs, the Union Buildings are a modern day acropolis, built at the highest point of South Africa’s capital city, Pretoria, it forms the official seat of South Africa’s government and houses The Presidency.

How much is a 2 rand coin worth?


Issuer South Africa
Value 2 Rand 2.00 ZAR = 0.14 USD
Currency Rand (1961-date)
Composition Nickel plated copper
Weight 5.5 g

How much is the Mandela coin worth?

The value of the R5 Mandela circulation coin remains R5-00.

How old is the Union Building?

108c. 1913
Union Buildings/Age

What happened at Union Building?

As part of the Anti-Pass Campaign, on August 9, 1956, 20.000 women of all races, some with babies on their backs, from the cities and towns, from reserves and villages, took a petition addressed to South Africa’s Prime Minister to the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

Which South African coins are worth money?

Most valuable South African coins value list

  1. Single 9 Pond (1898) Single 9 Pond.
  2. Kruger Double Nine Ponds (1899)
  3. Burgers Pond Coarse Beard (1874)
  4. Sammy Marks Tickey (1898)
  5. Burgers Pond Fine Beard (1874)
  6. VeldPond (1902)
  7. Mandela 90th Birthday Coin (2008)
  8. Mandela’s 100th Birthday R5 coin (2018)

How much is the 2008 Mandela coin worth?

For example, the commemorative R5 Nelson Mandela circulation coin that was issued in 2008 to celebrate the former President’s 90th birthday was and is still worth R5.

What did Mandela pledge to obey?

Nelson Mandela – Long Walk To Freedom. What was the pledge that he made in his speech? He pledged to liberate all his people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination.

Who was the prime minister during apartheid?

Hendrik Verwoerd is often called the architect of apartheid for his role in shaping the implementation of apartheid policy when he was minister of native affairs and then prime minister.