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How much is a Bob Dylan painting worth?

How much is a Bob Dylan painting worth?

Bob Dylan’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $67 USD to $17,816 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 2014 the record price for this artist at auction is $17,816 USD for Train Tracks, sold at 1818 Auctioneers in 2021.

How many paintings has Bob Dylan painted?

Bob Dylan – 159 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy.

What medium does Bob Dylan use?

Bob Dylan/Forms

When did Bob Dylan start painting?

Dylan dates the origins of his work as a visual artist to the early 1960s. A few drawings reached the public gaze with album covers like Music from Big Pink (1968) and Self Portrait (1970).

Where can I buy Bob Dylan Art in the UK?

Shipping from Delivered anywhere in UK Bob dylan art – train tracks, 2008 (white). Limited edition hand signed by bob dylan. All returns must be authorised before sending back to us Bob dylan, drawn blank, ‘new england depot’. “The items will be shipped by usps to usa, absolutely safe”

What does Bob dylan’s’train tracks’silkscreen mean?

AVAILABLE NOW: Bob Dylan’s ‘Train Tracks’ silkscreen Symbolising Dylan’s travels from gig to gig across America, this iconic graphic has been reimagined for the first time ever in a landscape format. The much-anticipated third instalment of Bob Dylan’s iconic collection The Beaten Path is here!

Is it true that Bob Dylan signed everything?

Our signed Bob Dylan memorabilia and collectibles are increasing in worth and value daily so shop our autographed Bob Dylan product offerings as soon as possible. All of the signed Bob Dylan memorabilia and collectibles that we have available for purchase are guaranteed to be authentic.

What kind of print is Bob Dylan under the bridge?

Bob dylan signed framed print – abandoned motel,. Print,under the bridge ,signed, framed and glazed. “Buy, please, just simply complete all desired products without paying and without purchase”