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How much is a 1910 British penny worth?

How much is a 1910 British penny worth?

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Coin Jamaica (British) 1 Penny 1910 KM23, combined shipping $5.00
British – 1902 to 1910 Edward VII Penny – Better Grades – Choose your Date $20.00
1910 Great Britain One penny KM# 794.2 Edward VII high grade 261019 $0.00
Full Red 1910 G.Britain Penny NGC Cert MS64RD!!! $197.00

How much is a 1910 penny worth today?

Here are the specifics for 1910 wheat penny values: A circulated 1910 Lincoln cent from the Philadelphia Mint is worth anywhere from 25 cents in well-worn condition to $20 in uncirculated condition. A 1910-S penny is worth much more — about $12 in well-worn condition to more than $100 in uncirculated condition.

Who is on the obverse of a United Kingdom Penny?

He authored and designed the obverse of coins from the United Kingdom and its colonies under Queen Victoria and Edward VII of the United Kingdom Seated figure of Britannia right, with trident in left hand and shield bearing the Union flag in right, sea behind, denomination above and date in exergue.

What’s the value of a 1910 UK Penny?

Values, images, and specifications for the 1910 UK penny. fields, and date below. Found the information on our site useful? Let people know we’re here by linking us on your posts, listings, and websites. for online sales by reputable coin dealers. All values are based on what you might expect to pay to buy a coin from a reputable dealer.

What was the name of Edward the seventh?

Translated from Latin: Edward the Seventh, by the Grace of God, King of all the Britains, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India. Notes: Gold coin. Notes: Bronze coin.

When did the Penny use the reverse die?

Pennies struck early in 1902 used the same reverse die as the veiled head Victoria issue. This was slightly changed during 1902, resulting in the low tide and normal tide varieties. To manage your collection, please log in. Values in the table above are expressed in USD.