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How much food is wasted at Indian weddings?

How much food is wasted at Indian weddings?

However, a report of 2018 highlights that the food wasted in India is as much as the total food consumed in the United Kingdom (UK). According to another estimate, about 10% to 20% of the food at weddings in India goes waste and the annual food waste is nearly US $ 14 billion.

How much food is wasted in weddings?

The one fit for consumption is distributed in the poor and the rest is again wasted . Q4. On an average how much food is wasted ? In small occasions the food wastage is up to 40% and in large occasions it may reach upto 60 % .

How can I save food waste at my wedding?

A Guide to Putting A Stop To Food Wastage in Weddings

  1. Choose a caterer and a venue carefully.
  2. Serve with biodegradable or compostable plates.
  3. Redirect Food to Needy.
  4. Be more accurate in your food preparation planning.
  5. Chuck Buffet System for Serving Option.
  6. Pack Food for the Guests.

Why do people waste food in parties?

One of the prime attractions in any party or functions is food. People are attracted towards the food as they get to eat the tasty and wide variety of items which they do not get at their home. This leads to people taking more food in their plates then they can eat and ultimately leads to a lot of food wastage.

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