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How much does it cost to take e470?

How much does it cost to take e470?

License Plate Toll Rates – All Hours

Mainline Toll Plazas A and C Mainline Toll Plazas B, D and E
2 Axles $4.30 $4.65
3 Axles $8.60 $9.30
Each Additional Axle $4.30 $4.65

Are there any toll roads in Colorado?

Where can I use PlatePass in Colorado? E-470 is a 47-mile toll highway that runs along the eastern perimeter of the Denver metropolitan area. The Northwest Parkway is a 70-mile per hour toll road that seamlessly connects the Parkway with E-470 at north I-25, and with U.S. 36 and State Highway 128 in Broomfield.

How long is the e470 loop?

75.56 km

What is the toll – road for Colorado?

E-470 is a 47-mile-long (76 km) controlled-access toll road traversing the eastern portion of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area in the US state of Colorado. The toll road is not a state highway, but is instead owned and maintained by the E-470 Public Highway Authority, which is controlled by a governing board of eight elected officials…

Is c470 a toll road?

C-470 will follow the I-70 Mountain Express Lane model in charging every vehicle using the pay lanes, except for motorcycles, a toll no matter how many people are in the vehicle. All other corridors with managed lanes in the metro area allow people with three or more occupants in a car – known as HOV3 – to travel at no cost.

What are the toll roads around Denver?

Colorado toll roads. E-470 is a 47-mile-long toll road is located in the suburbs of Denver Colorado and traverses the eastern portion of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area – Douglas County, Parker, Arapahoe County , Aurora , Adams County, Brighton, Commerce City, Thorton. E-470 serves Denver International Airport.