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How much does it cost to ride pelotonia?

How much does it cost to ride pelotonia?

How much is the registration fee for Riders? The registration fee for Pelotonia 2021 is $100 for each Rider.

What does pelotonia raise money for?

Since its founding, Pelotonia has raised over $217 million for cancer research. Thanks to its generous funding partners – American Electric Power Foundation, Huntington Bank, L Brands Foundation, Peggy and Richard Santulli, Harold C.

What is pelotonia cancer?

Pelotonia is a three-day experience that includes a weekend of cycling, entertaining and volunteerism that was established to raise money for cancer research at the OSUCCC – James.

How long is the Pelotonia bike ride?

While 11,000 people participated in the virtual event, completing their own chosen challenges — ride 10 miles daily, kayak a certain distance, sew 100 fabric masks — many missed the in-person camaraderie and spirit provided by the annual event, which raises money for cancer research.

Where does the money from Pelotonia go to?

Prevention and Early Diagnosis Pelotonia funds initiatives that aim to save lives before cancer strikes through prevention and early detection methods. 100% of participant-raised funds go to innovative cancer research.

What to do at Pelotonia signature ride weekend?

Register for our signature Ride Weekend, an annual 3-day event focused around cycling, volunteerism, and entertainment. Give to a Participant, create a fundraising campaign in honor of a loved one, or just because you believe in the mission.

How can I join the Pelotonia challenger team?

Join The Greatest Team Ever anytime, anywhere by registering as a Pelotonia Challenger. Revolutionizing how patients are treated through harnessing the power of their body’s immune system to attack their cancer. This is the future of immuno-oncology. This is Pelotonia.

What does Pelotonia do to help cancer patients?

Pelotonia is a community that is determined to see an end to cancer. Together, we’ve saved countless lives. Help us save more. At Pelotonia we’re driven by our mission: to engage, inspire, and challenge a community committed to change the world by accelerating innovative cancer research.