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How much does it cost to rebuild R22?

How much does it cost to rebuild R22?

R22 Overhaul Cost

Overhaul Kit: $93,000k (includes bladder tanks)
Engine Overhaul: $18,500
Engine Buildup Kit: $2,800
Overhaul Labor: $15,000
Total: $129,300

How much horsepower does a R22 helicopter have?

Specifications & Dimensions

Helicopter R22 Beta II
Engine Lycoming O-360, four cylinder
Horsepower Derated to 131 hp for takeoff and 124 continuous
Maximum Gross Weight 1370 lb (622 kg)
Approximate Empty Weight (including oil & standard avionics) 880 lb (399 kg)

How fast can a Robinson R22 fly?

180 km/h
Robinson R22/Top speed

When was the first AeroFly R22 helicopter made?

As of 2016, 4,600 R22 helicopters have been sold from the factory, which is a pretty damn good effort for a company with humble beginnings. The first aircraft delivered starting in 1979 have become known as R22 Standards. The originals were powered by a Lycoming O-320 A2C engine delivering 150hp.

Is the AeroFly FS2 R22 being discontinued?

Over the last few years, rumours have been circulating around the industry that the R22 is to be discontinued in favour of its bigger brother, the R44. This may be in Robinson’s long-term plan and with the introduction of the R44 ‘Cadet’ they may be making the first moves in this direction, but for now the little R22 is soldiering on.

What is low rpm horn on AeroFly FS2 R22?

The low RPM horn, which is a noise that’ll be familiar to anyone who’s done a reasonable amount of time in Robbies is there, although I remember the frequency of the noise being different. It gets your attention as it’s supposed to, though.

What kind of string does the AeroFly R22 have?

The R22 usually has a single bit of string that is held to the canopy bow by a bracket and so has the appearance of two bits, one out each side of the canopy bow. For some reason, this model has a single string like the AS350. The yaw string moves with the wind very realistically and this carries over to when you go flying. It’s quite impressive.