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How much does a black Labrador cost?

How much does a black Labrador cost?

Black lab price range between $1700 – $2500 depending on breeder and breeding standards. All the dog breeds have different price ranges. In the same way, Labrador retriever puppies are also classified accordingly.

Where can I get a black lab puppy?

The best place to find registered breeders online if you are in the USA is through the American Kennel Club. In other parts of the world, use the puppy search tool on the website of your regional kennel club or equivalent authority. You may also ask a local veterinarian for a reference to a quality breeder.

Are there any Labrador Retriever breeders in Georgia?

We are one of Georgia’s top Labrador Retriever Breeders. We believe in quality first when it comes to Lab puppies. Labradors are our life, and providing healthy Labrador Retriever puppies is our top priority. We are so blessed when we hear how the wonderful Lab puppies we’ve previously raised are doing.

Are there any Razzle Dazzle Labrador Retrievers in Georgia?

Beautiful, Calm, Family-Friendly Lab Puppies For Sale In Georgia (GA). Welcome to Razzle Dazzle Labrador Retrievers! We are a small Northeast Georgia professional breeder of excellent quality AKC registered labrador retrievers.

What kind of dogs are sold in Ga?

Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in GA. Lab Puppies for Sale. Black Lab Puppies for Sale. Chocolate Lab Puppies for Sale. White Lab Puppies for Sale. Ivory Lab Puppies for Sale. Yellow Lab Puppies for Sale. Fox Red Lab Puppies for Sale. Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale. Quality Lab Puppies for Sale.

Which is the best breed of yellow lab?

If everyone had the love of a lab, it would be a perfect world! We breed Chocolate, Black, White, Yellow, and Fox Red Yellow labs. We have both English block head, big body labs and old American shovel head labs.